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              DR. KOUIDER LAROUSSI

                         CONTROL SYSTEMS     

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Kouider laroussi

Dr Kouider laroussi, was born in Algeria in 1963, In 1999 he received the state engineer degree from the University of Ibnekhaldoun Tiaret. Algeria. In 2003 received the Magister degree in electrical engineering. In 2014 he received the degree doctor of Science in electrical engineering from university of Boumerdes Algeria.


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[1].    Bagua Hakim, Laroussi K. and Nail Bachir, CONTROL OF AN ELECTRIC SYSTEM BASED ON FUZZY LOGIC-TYPE 02: STABILITY STUDY. The 1st International Conference on Applied Automation and Industrial Diagnostics (ICAAID 2015), Djelfa on 29-30 March 2015, Algeria


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