Laboratoire d’Automatique Appliquée &
Diagnostic Industriel LAADI
 Université de DJELFA                                                                      
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              MR. AHMED BEN SELILIH

                   INDUSTRIAL DIAGNOSIS     

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Mr Ahmed Ben Selilih, was born in Messaad Djelfa, Algeria in 1981. He received the Licence degree on Electrical Engineering in 2005 from and then the Magister degree in 2010 from the ENSET of Oran, Algeria in Electrical Engineering, now he prepared his Ph.D. doctorate degrees on Electrical  Engineering at the Applied Automation and Industrial Diagnostics Laboratory, University of Djelfa 17000 DZ, Algeria. His research interest includes diagnosis and fuzzy system control of Electrical Engineering systems.


[1].    Commande de vitesse par PI Optimisé d’une Machine Asynchrone Pentaphasée à Flux          Orienté » ; 6ème conférence sur le génie électrique, EMP Alger
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